Digital Historytelling introduces innovative tools for teaching 20th-century European history and civic education. On this website, you will find engaging class scenarios for ages 13+ to support education about the Cold War, Totalitarianism & Democratization, and Colonial History from a common European perspective.To strengthen the professional competencies of teachers, we offer the Dighist Course, where we explain how to create engaging activities for students using digital tools such us: timelines, games and creative exercises. All materials were designed as a part of Erasmus+ programme. Join us in transforming history education!

Class Scenarios

Want to make your history classes more engaging? Here you will find three ready-to-use class scenarios that cover the subjects of the Cold War, Totalitarianism & Democratization and Colonial History.

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Dighist Course

Are you interested in learning how to develop your own educational content? Here we present an easy model for creating educational materials based on digital tools for history teaching #dighist. Develop your skills with us and make your classes more interactive!

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